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    AFMA Matrix October 2020

    The AMFA Matrix is a quarterly publication of the Animal Feed Manufacturer's Association (AFMA) in South Africa. It contains scientific and industry articles focused on the animal feed industry and addresses the latest technology, research and events aimed at ensuring safe feed for safe food. This edition also commemorates AFMA's 75 years of service to the South African feed industry.

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    SA Stud Breeder September 2020

    SA Stud Breeder is an annual publication published on behalf of SA Stud Book. This magazines honours those breeders and members of SA Stud Book who achieved new heights in terms of their herd management, genetics and production figures.

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    Veeplaas Oktober 2020

    Veeplaas is 'n maandelikse tydskrif vir veeboere in Suid- en Suidelike Afrika. Die Oktober-uitgawe fokus op die Hugenoot-ras asook landbou-opleiding. Lees ook oor 'nuwe' wildsiektes weens intensivering, weidingsgrasse, Oumansoutbos, die oorsake van mankheid by vee, kunsmatige inseminasie, klostridiale siektes en vele meer.

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