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    SA Stud Breeder April 2021

    The annual SA Stud Breeder magazine brings honour and recognition to stud breeders that have excelled over a 12-month period in terms of their animal recording and breeding programmes. This special magazine contains the profiles of those who have been awarded Elite status by SA Stud Book in a number of categories covering dairy cattle, beef cattle, sheep and other breeds such as horses and dogs.

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    SIMM-biose Mei 2021

    SIMM-biose is 'n bylaag wat twee keer per jaar saam met Veeplaas verskyn. Hierdie bylaag bied aan kommersiële veeprodusente 'n blik op die Simmentaler-beesras en sy kenmerke. In hierdie uitgawe word veral gefokus op heterose en die dubbeldoeligheid van hierdie ras. Maak ook kennis met Simmentaler-produsente wat getuig van die waarde van hierdie diere in hul kuddes. Daar is ook bestuursartikels met betrekking tot aspekte soos voer en gesondheid.

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    Stockfarm May 2021

    The May 2021 issue of Stockfarm is packed with information designed to assist livestock farmers to farm more scientifically and profitably. In this issue the focus is on chicken production in South Africa, with a look at the industry in broad, but also issues pertaining to production, chicken housing, and the like. In other articles, mineral supplements for cattle and sheep are dissected, while an interesting article reveals how sex-sorted semen can improve breeding in small-stock systems. Cryptosporidiosis is under the looking glass along with topics ranging from silage losses and the marking of livestock, to hoof-care for cattle and rodent control in poultry housing.

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