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    Oilseeds Focus Dec 2020

    Oilseeds Focus is a magazine focusing on the production, processing and use of oilseeds in especially South Africa. The magazine covers the entire oilseeds value chain and focuses on canola, soya beans, sunflower and groundnuts. The December edition contains articles on Sclerotina in soya beans, blackleg in canola, and a host of research articles and other information relating to herbicides, cultivar evaluation and more.

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    Stockfarm December 2020

    Stockfarm is a magazine for English-speaking commercial and aspiring commercial livestock farmers. This issue contains information on the national silage competition results and also addresses issues ranging from farm safety and veld management, to lambing pens, condition assessment and shelter/shade for livestock. Also read about good tail-docking practices as well as the signs and prevention of bovine leukosis.

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    Veeplaas November 2020

    Veeplaas is an Afrikaans magazine for commercial livestock farmers in Southern Africa. The magazine contains scientifically based articles assisting producers in the application of more scientific farming practices aimed at greater yields and profits. The November edition contains articles ranging from feed related issues such as mineral shortages and grazing, to the provision of shade, dairy parlour technology and agritourism in South African.

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