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    Stockfarm January 2023

    The January 2023 issue of Stockfarm is an exceptional issue that focusses on a number of issues that are pertinent to livestock farmers' enterprises and management plans. This issue looks at the use of drones in precision farming on crop and livestock farms, and we also hear what farmers on the Lesotho border have to say about their never-ending fight against livestock thieves. We learn about Dorper veld rams and the breeders responsible for unlocking their purpose. Other technical subjects addressed in this issue include everything from lamb nutrition and Merino wool quality, to biosecurity and blowflies. Do not miss this issue of Stockfarm.

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    AFMA Matrix January 2023

    The January 2023 issue of AFMA Matrix is dedicated to a number of insightful articles focussed on the latest research and information relating to animal diets and supplementation. It also gives feedback on the various speakers who presented papers during the 2022 AFMA symposium. Also read about probiotics, amino acids, oat hulls and feed particle size for pigs, poultry and ruminants. AFMA Matrix is published for the South and Southern African feed manufacturing industry and is the only magazine of its kind in this area.

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    Veeplaas Januarie 2023

    Die Januarie 2023-uitgawe van Veeplaas bevat 'n magdom inligting wat die lewe vir veeboere makliker maak. Lees oor die Locheim Simmentaler-stoet in die Swartland, oor die rol van hommeltuie in veeboerdery, en oor watter aspekte die gehalte van goeie wol bepaal. Ons besoek ook die 2022 Santam Nasionale Kuilvoerkoning, Simpson & Son, en hoor wat sy geheim vir suksesvolle kuilvoer is. Lees ook oor hitteverdraagsaamheid by melkkoeie, hooimaak en baal, sojabone in wisselstelsels, biosekuriteit, en die SA Boerperd. Die gesondheidsafdeling fokus op die invloed van brommers in veral kleinveekuddes, asook die ooginfeksie, Moraxella. Weereens 'n onverbeterlike uitgawe van Veeplaas, met tegniese inhoud wat jy nêrens anders gaan vind nie.

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