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    Oilseeds Focus June 2021

    Oilseeds Focus is a technical magazine focusing on the science, production, processing and nutritional value of sunflower, groundnuts, canola and soybeans. The June issue contains articles on soybean quality for animal feed use, seedling diseases in sunflower, the South African winter crop season prospects, management of nitrogen in soybean production, success with soybean inoculants in Brazil, research into classic and high-oleic canola oils. And much much more!

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    Veeplaas Junie 2021

    Die Junie 2021-uitgawe van Veeplaas bevat weereens 'n magdom inligting wat die veeboer in Suidelike Afrika bystaan om meer wetenskaplik en meer winsgewend te boer. Hierdie uitgawe fokus op die droë winterseisoen, veldbrande en brandbestryding, asook die Boran-beesras. Lees ook oor 'n opwindende SA Vleismerino-drielingprojek, die stand van landbou-uitvoere in Suid-Afrika, strategiese voeding, droëseisoenvoeding, brandsiekte, oorwintering, veldbultoetse, nuwe verwikkelinge by Cape Wools, krimpsiekte, die beheer van pompom, en vele meer.

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    Stockfarm June 2021

    The June 2021 issue of Stockfarm once again focuses on issues that are pertinent to livestock farming. This edition focuses on especially the dry winter season, and the challenges associated with livestock feed, health and management during this period. The magazine also contains a focus on the Boran cattle breed and its adaptability to the Southern African region. Also read articles relating to land reform, creep feed, feed residues, cow efficiency, sheep scab, Angora goat health, and much more.

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