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    Stockfarm April 2024

    The April 2024 issue of Stockfarm officially hails the South African autumn period. Along with articles aimed at managing this period, we also look at why stud and commercial cattle producers should give meat and carcass traits the attention they deserve and we ask whether producers’ goals in this regard are in fact aligned with that of feedlots? Also included are articles focussing on the feedlot industry as a whole, promising some new insights into this essential agricultural sector. Also look forward to articles on climate indices for informed decision-making and Sernick's SerDev farmer development initiative which recently held its annual farmers' day. Meet the 2023 MPO/Nedbank stewardship award winner, Niel Wilke and learn how he combines his passion for farming with stewardship principles. The imitation meat market is a touchy subject for the red meat industry and this issue looks at nutri-economics in this regard. As part of our feedlot focus we visit Weiklip Boerdery’s feedlot, where excellent management ensures superior results. We also meet Bonheur Eben, a Braford bull with an impressive FCR. Our feed and grazing section looks at the importance of winter licks, the danger of lupins in feed, and the efficient use of water on farms. The genetics section focusses on breeding goals and how to identify cull defects in sheep. Animal health is always front and foremost, and experts enlighten us on the requirements for a sheep feedlot, the importance of Vitamin A supplementation, and the role of trace minerals in animal health. For these and many more insightful articles, download your free copy of Stockfarm here.

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    Veeplaas April 2024

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    CHIPS March/April 2024

    The March/April 2024 issue of CHIPS introduces readers to this year’s top ten seed potato growers and gives feedback on Potatoes SA’s first major event of the year, the 2024 Transformation Symposium. Articles on the latest local and international prices as well as global marketing trends will provide insight into current affairs. Potato protecting expenditure, research into potato pests and diseases, and updates on Potatoes SA’s transformation projects and issues are also explored.

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