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    AFMA Matrix April 2023

    The April 2023 issue of AFMA Matrix once again provides feed manufacturers and other role-players in the feed industry with a host of interesting articles relating to the latest research and happenings in the feed industry. In this issue, read all about pre- and probiotics, the effectiveness of feed pellets in a dairy cow diet, how to fight coccidiosis, the role of Vitamin D in feed rations, methionine, and much more. Download your free copy of AFMA Matrix today!

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    Stockfarm April 2023

    The April 2023 issue of Stockfarm sports a stunning Ankole cow on the cover. Read all about Rensbou Ankoles and how they go about breeding with this magnificent African breed. This issue focusses mainly on the feedlot industry and looks at matters ranging from feedlot traceability to nutrition and infrastructure. Also enjoy the usual array of seasonal and technical articles, among others focussing on anionic salt in rations, winter licks, the importance of seller's declarations in biosecurity, how to determine cattle's age, the latest research on Rift Valley fever, and the impact of respiratory diseases on feedlot production. Get your copy of this jampacked issue today!

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