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    Stockfarm August 2020

    Stockfarm is a monthly magazine aimed at enriching and empowering livestock farmers in South and Southern Africa with top-notch technical content. The August edition focuses on a number of important seasonal issues ranging from ewe nutrition and cover crops, to synchronisation and calf health. Also read about a number of economically significant livestock diseases and how to prevent them. This issue also focuses on the impressive Boran cattle breed, its traits and why producers choose to farm with them.

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    Bonsmara - Dié Rooi Ras / The Red Breed August 2020

    Bonsmara – Dié Rooi Ras / The Red Breed, is a bi-annual publication for the Bonsmara SA cattle breeders' society. The publication is available free of charge. This issue contains information relating to bull selection, oxen farming, breeding values, guidelines for weaning, and much more.

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    Veeplaas Augustus 2020

    Veeplaas is 'n Afrikaanse tydskrif vir ernstige veeboere met 'n wetenskaplike benadering tot veeboerdery. Die Augustus 2020-weergawe is nou beskikbaar en bevat inligting rondom vooruitsigte vir die melkbedryf, kalfgesondheid, parasietbeheer, ooivoeding en vele meer. Hierdie uitgawe bevat ook 'n fokus op die Senepol-beesras en jy kan meer lees oor graanmarkvooruitsigte, veral vir veeboere.

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