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    Stockfarm October 2023

    The Livestock Registering Federation’s annual Stockman School at Aldam, is one of the highlights on the agricultural calendar. This year’s Stockman School will address the latest technology and management skills needed to elevate the Southern African livestock industry so that it can compete on a global scale. This issue of Stockfarm is a handy companion to the event, as it features articles on some of the topics that will be discussed, such as an additional quality system for red meat, bull selection as driver of genetic progress, and net feed intake. We also paid a visit to Bianca Lueesse, the Molatek/Landbouweekblad/Breedplan Stud Breeder of the Year for 2022. Also read about Shakes Shabalala's long-term plan to engage the value chain, alleviating stress with shade, the role of water in feed intake, blackleg, gousiekte, and much more!

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    CHIPS Sep/Oct 2023

    In the September/October issue of CHIPS, we focus on numerous aspects that are important to the South African potato supply chain and role-players. Local and international markets are assessed, and we give feedback on the 2023 Potatoes SA research symposium. The Tuber Telegraph column explores the importance of enhancing potato soil health and ecology, while other articles explore the research done into various pests affecting potato crops and how to limit damage. Read about aphids and nematodes, soft rot, blackleg and stem rot. Also read about the healthy aspects of potatoes and why they should be part and parcel of a balanced diet. For these and numerous other insightful articles, download your free copy of CHIPS here.

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    Veeplaas September 2023

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