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    Oilseeds December 2022

    The December 2022 issue of Oilseeds Focus addresses numerous aspects of importance for oilseeds producers, processors, and suppliers in South Africa. The December issue is our last for 2022 and contains a feast of articles addressing pertinent issues ranging from market movements to agronomic practices and the latest cultivar trials and research. Articles to look forward to in this issue include feedback on various symposia focussing on rhizobia, sclerotinia and groundnuts. Also read about soya bean cultivar selection, the effect of planting date on sunflower yield and quality, soya bean and sunflower microbiomes, the impact of harmful Palmer amaranth, an analysis of South Africa’s animal feed industry, canola yield potential in Western Cape, and so much more. Download your free copy of Oilseeds Focus here.

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    Stockfarm December 2022

    The December issue of Stockfarm is a special one indeed - it not only celebrates the winners in our annual Plaas Media Santam Agriculture National Silage Competition, but it also showcases the finalists and winners of the annual ARC National Beef Cattle Performers Awards. Read about these exceptional producers in this issue of Stockfarm, along with the usual array of technical content written to assist livestock farmers in managing seasonal challenges and farming more profitably. Read all about swollen head, biosecurity, veld goats, hay production and much more.

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    CHIPS November/December 2022

    The Christmas edition of CHIPS is indeed an inviting one - after all, potatoes are a perfect festive food, no matter what the weather throws at you! In this jampacked issue of CHIPS, we feature the achievements of role-players in the potato industry, while also showcasing the results from cultivar and irrigation trials as well as regular market research. Specialists discuss the all important issues of soil health and production issues, while we celebrate Potatoes SA's efforts to bring about transformation and make potatoes a staple food among South Africans. Enjoy this read and see you in 2023!

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