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    Stockfarm July 2024

    Investigating and improving the quality of Brahman meat is a priority for the Brahman Cattle Breeders’ Society, as the market continues to shift its focus towards a better-quality product for the consumer. The first animals were tested as part of the first cycle of the Beef Genomics Project, and following that first introduction to meat quality traits, the society initiated its own project to test meat quality. The July issue of Stockfarm sets out the requirements considered when meat is tested, the role of sound datasets, the latest on meat quality tests, and industry feedback. The magazine is also chock full of useful articles on, among others, best practices for the shearing season, beneficial Karoo shrubs, heterosis as breeding tool, and special articles on the Brahman. Also look forward to the following articles: • Jan van Zyl: Brahman production requires passion and vision. • Workshop for unity against antimicrobial resistance. • Tall fescue vs perennial ryegrass for dairy cows. • Sky-Hi Manso’s Brahmans: A level-headed approach to meat production. • The undisputed nutritional value of soya oilcake. • Tips for adapting sheep to soya crop residues. • Limiting silage losses. • Genetic improvement of cattle in KwaZulu-Natal. • Using the Brahman in the youth showring. • Preventing conical fluke in the colder months. • Rotavirus: The cause of severe diarrhoea in calves. • Livestock ownership: The rights of farm dwellers. Download your free copy here.

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    Oilseeds Focus June 2024

    Oilseeds Focus is committed to keeping all stakeholders in the oilseeds value chain updated on the latest research, local and international market trends, and exports and news. Detailed analyses of market movements, price fluctuations and demand-supply dynamics help role-players stay ahead of the curve while research on plant diseases and cultivar performance allow producers to make the right choices for their farms. The June 2024 issue of Oilseeds Focus gives you a front-row seat to the recent global peanut conference and contains articles on diseases, fertiliser research and technology. Articles to look forward to in this issue: • In-field climatic factors driving Sclerotinia head rot. • Rhizobia: A promising source of plant growth-promoting molecules. • Germination and seedling development of sunflower. • CRISPR-mediated technology. • Herbicide carryover concerns in soya bean fields. • Nitrogen fertiliser of canola. • Current research on canola diseases. • Oilseeds projection highlights. • International groundnut congress. • Green soya beans. • Nutritional quality of edible vegetable oils. Download your free copy here.

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    Veeplaas Junie 2024

    Veeplaas se Junie 2024-uitgawe is die ideale tydskrif om byderhand te hê as jy wetenskaplike aandag aan jou boerdery wil gee. Soos gewoonlik bied hierdie uitgawe ’n verskeidenheid besoekartikels en tegniese boerdery-inligting, én dit bevat ’n spesiale Simmentaler-fokus. Die Junie-uitgawe bevat ook ‘n verslag oor die SA Vetveebeoordelaarsvereniging se karkaswenners en skoukampioene. Ons vertel ook meer oor ’n paar van ons gereelde plaasbesoeke, met ’n wenboer wat saam met die natuur werk, en ’n verskeidenheid artikels wat boere help om met gestoorde voer en weiding help om deur die koue winter te kom. Leer ook meer oor parasiete, luise en lintwurms, asook: • Simmentaler: Kruisteelvermoë en karkasgehalte. • Vleisinvoere uit Namibië: Die werklike situasie. • Ons besoek Lloyd Short se Borden Angora-stoet. • Die rol van inokulante in goeie gehalte kuilvoer. • Die agtergrond en geskiedenis van die 1980’s se veldomskakelingskema. • Lees meer oor nuttige plante in die Karoo. • Die bestuur van droë vleisbeeskoeie. • Die gevare van lintwurm vir mens en vee. • Waak teen parasiete in die winter.

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