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    AFMA Matrix October 2021

    The October issue of AFMA Matrix coincides with the annual Animal Feed Manufacturers Association's symposium, which takes place in October each year. This issue contains the symposium programme as well as a number of articles on papers delivered at the symposium. Read all about antibiotic consumption, gastrointestinal challenges and intestinal inflammation in production animals. Besides the symposium articles, this issue also contains a number of scientific articles on smart feed manufacturing principles, dietary fibre, heat stress, oxidative stress, and the use of Vitamin E in production animals and their feed.

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    Stockfarm October 2021

    The October issue of Stockfarm welcomes spring in all its glory. This issue focuses mostly on grazing and veld management, as well as diseases such as metabolic disorders and parasites, especially ticks and wireworm, than can pose challenges for the livestock farmer. Also read about shearing shed designs that make shearing more productive, as well as the issue of marbling in red meat, and the importance of managing your replacement heifers.

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    CHIPS September/October 2021

    The Sep/Oct 2021 issue of CHIPS is packed with information on the potatoes market, research, marketing and transformation in South Africa. Read how Potatoes SA is managing the dumping of frozen potato products in South Africa, as well as the transformation projects it is involved in to equip small farmers to start farming commercially. Also read about two cultivar trials that are under way in different areas in the country. Market information reveals which potato cultivars are performing the best and we also learn about some interesting projects aimed at fighting pests and weeds.

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